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Architecture can define a business, a neighborhood, or even a city. It says something about the time and place in which it was created. It’s also a great medium for expressing personality and making tangible those aspects that are fundamental to your practice.

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With a combined 30 years in the field, we at pistoriusarchitects are passionate about design. Our experience spans a wide range of industries including commercial, residential, healthcare, civic, senior living, and hospitality. One thing that makes our firm unique is its ability to adapt to projects varying in their industry and purpose. Our healthcare design experience alone has included medical office buildings, outpatient facilities, and various medical centers such as ambulatory surgery, oncology, fertility treatment, ophthalmology, pain management, plastic surgery, and physical therapy.

In conjunction with our medical experience, we are geared toward all varieties of commercial, custom residential, retail, industrial, and educational architecture. We are licensed and registered to practice professionally in multiple states and available to address your architectural and interior design needs by bringing innovative solutions and overall value to any design task. We base our design solutions on simplicity and the honesty of materials, environment, and expression. After all, it’s about assisting you in transforming your abstract ideas into reality through good and relevant architecture.

our goal is to provide unparalleled service, value & vision to make your project the best it can be


tom pistorius


Tom was born and raised in Louisiana. At a very young age, he spent many hours playing with hot wheels and building blocks as well as constructing tree houses in the woods every summer during his childhood.  With these experiences of imagination and place, Tom gained an appreciation of architecture at an early age.

Having graduated from LSU in 1993 with a bachelor of science in architecture, Tom started his career in the desert southwest and spent numerous hours exploring the mountains, valleys, and streams in his spare time. Being exposed to the beauty and the natural forms hidden in the desert, he recognized the many variations of space and form and ultimately a unique sense of design.

Tom relocated back to Louisiana in 2006 and started pistoriusarchitects in Hammond. The early experiences of  childhood and his time spent outdoors formed the basis of his ideals today which he takes great pride in with every project.


matt miller

cadd technician

Matt was born and raised in southeast Louisiana. Growing up, he had an excessively big imagination and spent much time outside building forts and treehouses. When Matt was 13 years old, he moved to Washington state for a year. While there, he noticed the differences in the houses and buildings of the Pacific northwest versus the styles in the gulf south. This enhanced his passion for architecture.

After high school, Matt worked as an ironworker, where he learned how to fabricate various steel members, erect steel structures, and drafted shop drawings. After seven years of working with his tools, he was promoted to structural foreman, giving him access to autoCAD. Matt taught himself how to use autoCAD and started producing fabrication shop drawings. During the year of 2020, Matt continued to develop his autoCAD experience as well as learn other software that allowed him the opportunity to seek an architectural/industrial position.

Matt started working with pistoriusarchitects in January 2021 as a CADD technician, assisting Tom with drafting and design. He enjoys getting the opportunity to learn on a daily basis, while having a hand in the growth of our beautiful community and surrounding areas.